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Kapgro Risk is a FSCA Category 1 Accredited Financial Service Provider, licensed in terms of the Financial Advisory & Intermediary Services Act 2002.

We are mandated by various Insurers to market their short-term insurance products.


The commercial lines policy provides an industry
standard policy wording and underwriting limits that
are sufficient for all commercial needs.

Farmers Combined / Agri

The farmers combined policy provides cover for vehicles, implements and property related to the farmer’s business or registered in the insured’s personal name, as well as damages the business / insured is liable for.

Sectional Title

The sectional title policy provides cover for property registered in the name of the body corporate and legal liabilities of the body corporate. In addition, you have the option to include cover for motor vehicles, registered in the body corporate’s name as well as cover against
employee fraud and the death or disability by accident of principals and employees.


The hospitality policy provides cover for assets, earnings, and legal liabilities of your business.
In addition, you have the option to include cover for your motor vehicles as well as cover against
employee fraud and the death or disability by accident of principals and employee’s.

Broadform Buildings

The broadform buildings policy provides cover for damage to the insured’s property and damage
you are liable for. There are two types of policies: buildings combined & homeowners combined.


The personal policy covers property registered in your personal name,
your personal belongings and damage you are liable for.

Rental Insurance

The rental insurance policy offers you stated benefits in the event of a tenant not paying his rental amount or absconding from the premises without paying his rent in terms of the lease agreement
or damage caused to the identified property.

IVP – Inception Value Policy

Pays out the difference between retail value at inception and retail value at date of loss.


Fire Insurance, otherwise known as ‘property’ insurance,
indemnifies a client in the event of an insured event happening
to their buildings, their machinery, and stock in trade. Insured
Events – Under the Fire Section there are three main risks (or
perils) covered namely Fire, lightning, storm, or water.

Buildings Combined cover fixed structures such as offices,
outbuildings, and fixtures and fittings that is used for business
can be insured to protect these businesses against losses and
the financial costs with which they are associated.

Office Contents section is specifically designed and adapted for
office content cover including stationery and staff personal
effects to furniture and loss of rent. Contents of transporter
offices can be insured under this section. This section covers
non data keeping items.

Business Interruption insurance covers consequential losses,
like loss of profit, after an insured event has taken place. This is
normally used to cover fixed monthly overheads whilst a
business recovers.

Accounts Receivable covers loss or damage as a result of an
accident or misfortune to a client’s accounting records or other
business books, at the premises or at the residence of any
director, partner or employee or the premises of any accountant
of the insured, in consequence whereof the insured is unable to
trace or establish the outstanding debit balances due to them.

Theft insurance covers loss of or damage to all contents (the
property of the insured or for which they are responsible) of
any insured building at the insured premises described in the
schedule as a result of theft and accompanied by forcible and
violent entry into or exit from such building or any attempt
there at.

Money section covers a business in the unfortunate event of
financial loss due to the loss of, or damage to, any money kept
on their business premises or at home or for which they are

Glass section covers loss of or damage to internal and external
glass (including mirrors), signwriting and treatment at the
insured premises and/or the property of the insured or for which
they are responsible.

Fidelity section covers a client for dishonest and unlawful
actions by employees that could harm their business’ finances
or reputation.

For many farmers, irrigation systems are the lifeblood of the
farm. That is why we offer insurance that is specifically
designed to protect these valuable systems. We will insure
your irrigation systems for new replacement value, thereby
ensuring that you keep going.

For most people, their home is the largest financial investment
they will ever make and for that reason it is important to
protect this precious asset against accidental loss or damage.
Homeowners’ insurance includes cover for walls, paving,
fixtures, and fittings, and will provide for unforeseen repairs
when you experience loss or damage to your home due to
theft, fire, storm, flood, water leakage, accidental or malicious

Household contents insurance is important to ensure
protection against loss or damage to household goods and
personal effects while inside your home against fire, lightning,
explosion, malicious damage, earthquake, water damage and
the specified perils including theft and accidental damage.

These are items, typically used outside of your home, that
need to be insured against loss or damage. Personal all risk
insurance includes cover for items like clothing, jewellery,
spectacles, sporting equipment, radios, cell phones, tablets,
photography equipment and the contents of a caravan while
away from the premises.

Transporting goods in South Africa exposes your business to
the risk of lost or damaged goods due to theft, hijacking,
accidents, fire event. This policy will ensure that you can
recover this loss without a detrimental effect to your business.

During the course of their employment, your employees are
your responsibility. Personal accident insurance provides cover
for any accidental bodily injury or death for all specified
employees of your business.

Accidents happen every day. You could be held responsible for
a tragic accident or loss. Personal liability insurance is
necessary for when you are held responsible for the accidental
loss or damage of property, or the accidental injury or death of
another person. This insurance product will provide cover for
claims made against you by third parties.

Business All Risk cover is one of the most
comprehensive types of cover available on your
commercial insurance policy and covers items which
belong to the client and business items are usually worn
or taken away from the business risk address. Driver cell
phones and personal belongings can be insured under
this section.

Accidental Damage insurance acts as a safety net,
covering the accidental physical loss of, or damage to
property that is not covered in any other section of the
policy, not otherwise insured.

Public Liability insurance covers a client for damages
which they become legally liable to pay to a claimant if
they have been proven negligent in regard to accidental
death of, or bodily injury to, or illness of any person
and/or accidental loss of, or physical damage to, tangible

Employers Liability insurance covers damages, which a
client shall become legally liable to pay, consequent upon
death of, or bodily injury to, or illness of any person
employed under a contract of service or apprenticeship.

Electronic Equipment covers loss of, or damage to,
electronic equipment (Computers, printers etc.)
described in the schedule at a client’s premises, and
when that property is temporarily removed from their
premises to any other location.

Motor Traders Internal and External insurance is
designed specifically for members of the motor trade
industry – such as car dealerships and motor repairers –
and extends to cover damage to customers’ vehicles,
either at or away from their premises.

Motor insurance is an absolute necessity in today’s world
of theft, high accident rates on the country’s highways,
hijacking and increasing weather perils. This type of
insurance provides cover for vehicles, trailers, caravans,
or motorcycles used for personal or business use. Types
of cover under this section is comprehensive, third party
fire and theft.

Pleasure craft insurance is specifically designed to meet
the needs of watercraft owners. It provides cover against
damage, theft, and third-party liability.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance is designed to provide
cover against unforeseen and sudden physical loss or
damage to the machinery by any cause subject to
excepted risks. Machines are an integral part of all
manufacturing and industrial units engaged in production
of industrial and/or household goods.

Personal accident insurance provides cover for people who
usually reside with you against the results of an accident
such as disability or death. This type of insurance will take
care of you and your family in the case of such an
unforeseen eventuality.

Accidental damage to water, sewerage, gas, electricity, and
telecommunication connections the property of the insured
or for which they are legally responsible, between the
property insured and the public supply or mains.

This policy offers you stated benefits in the event of a tenant
reneging from paying his rental amount or absconding from
the premises without paying his rent in terms of the lease
agreement or damage caused to the identified property.

We will pay for the reasonable cost of repair or replacement
of the geyser resulting from damage which is not excluded in
this section or excluded under General Exclusions occurring
during the period of insurance.

The insurance provided under this policy covers the
company’s directors, officers, and managers in case they
need to face legal action in their personal capacity for
actions and decisions they made on behalf of the company.
Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance covers individual
members through advancing legal costs plus
indemnification against certain costs for which they may be
held personally responsible; thereby protecting their personal
assets. This policy is a company paid insurance policy, with
the insured persons being its members. The company itself
is excluded from this cover. Stakeholders that could hold
company management liable for bad decisions are creditors,
shareholders, customers, employees, SARS, state authorities
and suppliers, etc

It has become necessary to protect your belongings and
assets against the onslaught and results of rioting, strike, or
public disorder. Sasria insurance is a specialised product
that provides cover for loss or damage in the case of such an