Toyota Vehicle Security System upgrades December 2022

In response to the rising vehicle theft cases seen both locally and globally, Toyota South
Africa have developed upgrades to the vehicle security system on certain key models.
These upgrades are deemed to have a significant impact in the reduction of vehicle
theft cases.

The upgrades will be applicable to certain models in the Toyota range. These upgrades
can be conducted by any authorised Toyota Dealer at no cost to the customer. The
relevant technical instructions have been communicated to the Toyota Dealer network.
Toyota dealers will be ready to start the upgrades from Monday, 05 December 2022.

All applicable new vehicles sold from this date onwards will be delivered with the
upgrade included. All applicable vehicles in operation will automatically be upgraded
when presented for routine service and maintenance. Alternatively, customers can make
arrangements with their nearest Toyota Dealer to have the upgrade performed at no
cost to the customer.

Prevention of “Relay Attacks”
All vehicle brands equipped with a Keyless Entry system are vulnerable to a mode of theft
referred to as a “Relay Attack”. This is where high tech equipment is utilised to amplify
and remotely transmit the key code to the parked vehicle.
Toyota vehicles with Smart Entry have an inherent feature to prevent a “Relay Attack”
from being executed. This feature can be activated by the customer as follows:

▪ With all doors shut, press the “Lock” button on the remote.
▪ Immediately press the “Lock” button on the remote for the second time and hold
it depressed.
▪ Whilst holding the “Lock” button depressed, simultaneously press the “Unlock”
button on the remote twice.
▪ The keyless entry system will be temporarily disabled.
▪ Confirm that the feature is set by either operating the driver door handle /
’’Unlock’’ button on the door handle as applicable. The vehicle should not unlock.
▪ To unlock the vehicle press, the “Unlock” button on the remote. This reactivates
the keyless entry function.
▪ The above procedure must be followed each time the keyless entry system is
required to be disabled.
▪ Consult your Toyota Dealer should you require further clarity on the use of this

Additional Recommendations
In relation to the above it is recommended that customers take additional measures to
reduce the risk of vehicle theft. Aftermarket devices such as steering locks, gear locks
and additional aftermarket immobilisers will be effective. Installation of these devices will
not void the vehicles warranty, provided the installation is undertaken by an insurance
approved installer.

For installation guidance, Toyota strongly recommends that only the Toyota Earth Taps
and power source of sufficient current carrying capacity are used and avoid connecting
to the Control Area Network.

With the holiday season around the corner, Xenturion will not be making this a
requirement for theft cover for now, as many clients won’t be able to take their car to a
Toyota dealership during this time of year. We do, however, encourage clients to go and
get the upgrades as soon as they can, and we will let you know in the new year if this
becomes a further requirement for theft cover.

Daniel Kruger

Toyota Vehicle Security System upgrades December 2022